Free Advisory Service

The important part - locating pipes for the maximum distribution of filtered and treated water.

So many swimming pools are aged and in need of serious upgrades or at least, urgent maintenance.

After more than 30 years being involved with the upgrading of swimming pools, plant rooms and equipment both large and small, I'm experienced and available to assist.

Most owners of swimming pools have aged facilities, needing repairs, maintenance and an upgrade, to obtain effective filtration and comply with the required circulation rates and water quality standards.

60 yr old filters - rusted out and headed for the scrap yard.

Inexpensive and practical advice can be given to pool owners who prefer to do an affordable and staged upgrading of their pools, to fit in with their budgetting.

Quite often, obtaining the services of consultants can be very expensive and simply too dear for pool owners to consider, but not with Macquatics Training.

Contact me for an approximate cost to advise you with this technical work. I think you'll be pleased you did.